4.2 7 QC Basic Tools Overview and Implementation (2 Days) Training Kit
4.2 7 QC Basic Tools Overview and Implementation (2 Days) Training Kit Short Course Training DIY Kits Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia, Tampoi Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | A & T Management Centre
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7 QC Basic Tools Overview and Implementation Training Kit is designs to provide a very useful 7 QC basic tools, which can be used in most of the industries today. It helps us separate the important data from the trivial bit of information into logical analysis data.

The 7 QC basic tools are:

a) Checklists
b) Pareto Charts
c) Histograms
d) Scatter Diagrams
e) Control Charts
f) Ishikawa (Cause and Effect Diagrams
g) Flow Charts

In the present day world and working atmosphere, people maker more and more decisions based on only facts and especially in the western countries the decisions are no longer made by using basic intuition or gut feelings as we term it. 7 QC basic tools also known as quality control by data.

It is highly improbable that a process can be stabilized and kept under control if there is no data available to analyze and verify the correctness of the procedures followed.

Contents of the Training Kit

  1. 7 QC Basic Tools Overview and Implementation written in Microsoft PowerPoint (Part one total 72 slides and Part two total 70 slides).

  2. 1 case study is given to evaluate effectiveness of training.

  3. 6 exercises are given to the trainer / user more understand with the 7 QC Basic Tools

Click here to download 7 QC Basic Tools Overview & Implementation Training Demo Kits.

Features of the Training Kit

  1. Training presentation slides developed under the guidance of experienced experts and written in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

  2. Training presentation slides written in Plain English and easy to learn.

  3. Training presentation slides specifically designed to be very easily customized by user to modify the 7 QC Tools training presentation to all sections or functions member.

How this software is useful to you?
  1. The user can save a lot of time while preparing the 7 QC Tools course or hand-out materials for in-house training.

  2. To provide you with the presentation materials that you need for an effective kick off the QCC implementation.

  3. To deliver overview of 7 QC Basic Tools concepts to quality control personnel and give better understanding of QC concept at all the levels of employees within organization.

  4. Understand each QC tool and implement them accordingly.

  5. Perform the necessary data analysis by using 7 QC tools to improve quality and productivity in your company.

This software is ideal for:
  1. Individual who want to study 7 QC basic tools and to apply the QC tools in data analysis.

  2. Facilitator to conduct 7 QC Tools training within their organization to educate management, employees and contractors to collect data analysis for continual improvement.

Click here to download a Microsoft PowerPoint file (7 QC Basic Tools Training Demo Kit) containing 7 QC Basic Tools Overview slides.

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