What is your single biggest challenge/frustration/problem with ISO or CE marking?" As you know, I regularly ask my clients this question. Do you know what they answer?

About one third of the customers say that they have problems with the complexity of the requirements and the procedures to get ISO and CE marking. Approximately the same number of persons is frustrated the most about the high costs of consultants. And many clients reply that they have problems with making the ISO manual, ISO procedures and CE Marking Product Technical File,
Maybe you share some of the same issues? If you feel the costs of ISO and CE certification are just too high; if you feel puzzled looking for very practical answers; if you still unable to finish your project, despite all the time you have spent on it, then listen up.

Can you do it yourself? If you have reasonably work experience and initiative, plus e1procedures DIY Software, then the answer is definitely YES.

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